Cremation Services 101

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In recent years, more families have opted for cremations. However, we have found that there is a lot of confusion surrounding cremation and service types. We have complied some basic information about cremation services so that you can better understand what your options are. At Sisco Funeral Chapel we strive to meet each families individual needs, so specific details can always be worked out with your funeral director, but we hope that this general information will give you a better idea.

  1. You can have the cremation before or after your service –  You can have your loved one’s body present for the service in casket to say your goodbyes before the cremation. The service would be held in the same style of a traditional funeral; however, afterwords instead of going to the cemetery after families have the option to have to have a small reception or luncheon. This service would take place days after the death has occurred.
  2. You can have a small gathering or visitation before cremation – If you are looking to have a more intimate gathering with your family or wanting to not have a traditional service, ask your local funeral home if you can just have a small gathering or visitation before the cremation takes place. This would also take place days after the death has occurred.
  3.  Memorial Service – If the body is not present at the service, this is called a Memorial Service. A memorial service can take place weeks after the death has occurred, this gives time for family to travel and allows for more time to plan your service. This can be held at any point after the death has occurred. Families may choose to have the cremated remains present or not.
  4. No service – Families can opt to not have any type of service or gathering with the funeral home, your funeral director will talk you through this option as well.

After the cremation the family will their loved one’s remains back in an urn of their choosing.  Then the family can decide whether they want to bury the cremated remains or keep them in their homes. Some families scatter the ashes in a meaningful space. If multiple family members want to keep a portion of cremated remains then there are smaller urns and urn jewelry pieces that you can purchase.

Cremations offer families flexibility in helping you honor your loved ones and say goodbye in a meaningful way. We hope that you found this information useful. If there are any questions that we can help answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can reach us at 479-751-4577.

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